Proactive Protection for Oil Soaked Asphalt Pavement

Pavement Services Corporation is leading the way in asphalt pavement repair for oil spills

Oil spills in parking lots are not a joke! It can quickly penetrate asphalt surfaces and dissolve, creating a big mess and potential issues down the road. This is exactly what happened at Auto Nation in North Richland Hill, a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.  Pavement Services Corporation was called on-site, having first to ensure that oil soaked asphalt pavement, considered a “hazardous material”, was disposed of accordingly. PSC crews leveraged years of training, equipment and expertise to ensure that the asphalt cleanup and repair was performed accurately. Since the affected pavement was saturated with oil, it could not be recycled using PSC’s state-of-the-art process.  Once the pavement was removed, repairs could begin. 

Oil spills in parking lots means a swift KICK IN THE “ASS-PHALT”

PSC crews got to work in no time using our Asphalt Mill Machines, enlarging the excavated area around its perimeter. This allowed our crews to take the completed repairs beyond its weak edges and back into the solid pavement area in order to achieve structural integrity. For aesthetic appeal, square edges were installed as well along the perimeter. 

Various “spoiled” materials were used from the surrounding edges in order to fill the excavated void area, thereby lessening the need for importing new base materials. Once the site was built to the proper grade and both asphalt and base materials were in place, the crew added Portland Cement to the entire area. The materials were mixed again with the milling machine, creating a Cement Treated Base. Water is added to the materials as needed in order to allow for proper compaction, activation and hardening. 

Our precise, rock-solid foundation was cured and ready for resurfacing. The crew then laid the asphalt surface over the repair area in order to finalize the process. At that point, the client was immediately alerted to the project’s completion, enabling traffic to be allowed back in by the next day.   


Leading Paving Contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth & Houston, TX

Pavement Services Corporation specializes in asphalt parking lot constructionasphalt repairconcrete repair and conventional pavement maintenance, applying innovative methods that minimize business downtime, ensure safety, and maintain profitability for our clients. 

We’re capable of performing multiple paving construction projects at once, providing asphalt and concrete paving in Dallas, all of North Texas, and beyond. Our crews are always active in cities such as Mansfield, Southlake Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Desoto, Plano and others. Our reputation has allowed us to proudly serve our clients in all of Texas and seven surrounding states. 

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