Crack & Joint Sealing

Does Your Pavement Have Cracks or joint separation?

Cracks are the leading cause of asphalt failure in DFW / Houston

Water sinks into the cracks beneath the asphalt, softening and pumping of the subgrade or subbase fines. Along with vehicle traffic and freezing/thawing weakens the subgrade below the asphalt and eventually causing asphalt failure.  This results in loss of structural support, pavement faulting and/or settlement.  Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance of your parking structure, this will lead to expensive parking lot repairs or a complete overhaul of the Asphalt or concrete structure.

Prevent Costly Repairs with Crack & Joint Sealant

With over 35 years in the asphalt paving business, Engineers at Pavement Services Corporation in the Dallas and Houston areas utilize a hot rubberized crack & joint sealing material. When hardened into a rubber form it is designed to minimized surface water leaking beneath the asphalt. It is a high-quality material that is highly elastic and stretches with the movement.

Crack & Joint Sealing to Saves you money

Crack and joint sealing extends the integrity of your pavement structure and saves your business money by delaying the expense of any significant reconstructive pavement maintenance. Cracks in your asphalt can be effectively sealed using an asphalt-based, hot pour rubberized sealant. If cracks are not sealed properly, you risk traveling and increased cracking, allowing for further water penetration, which can result in potholes. The same preventative measures need to be taken for joints and cracks in the asphalt.

Our crew applyinc crack sealing to avoid water damage.

Crack & Joint Sealing

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Protect your Investimet & Prevent Repairs

Paving Preventative Maintenace Options

Crack filling, seal coating are a few ways to help you protect your investment and avoid expensive repairs to your paving structure.  A nice looking parking lot shows that you value your customer and their business.  Pavement Services Corporation can help prevent concrete paving repairs, asphalt repairs and avoid costly parking lot repairs.

Contact our Dallas or Houston office and see how we can put you on a preventative plan to help you protect your investment.

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