Pavement Services offers a wide variety of parking lot paving services for new construction projects, parking lot repairs, sidewalk paving and curbing.  As experts in parking lot design and development, our competitive rates and state-of-the-art technology transform parking structures into functional, aesthetically pleasing real-estate.

Asphalt Paving Project in houston tex


Our asphalt paving services feature recyclable, energy-efficient material that yields durable, cost-effective parking lots and roadways for our customers. Pavement Services leverages the latest asphalt paving tools and techniques in order to ensure quality results that are on-time and within budget.




The Pavement Services team are highly experienced veterans in asphalt repair, resurfacing and preventative maintenance. We conduct an in-depth assessment of your current parking lot, sidewalk or structure and develop improvements that help bolster asphalt integrity. Our team can renovate any sized project, from unsightly parking spaces to big box retail lots, with budget friendly, high-quality results.

Asphalt repair Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston

30 years of experience rolled into every project.

Pouring cement during Upgrade to residential street in Dallas-Fort Worth


We offer a versatile choice of concrete paving and repair services, covering new constructions, sidewalks, curbs and renovations. We’re experts in parking lot structures, featuring cutting edge equipment that can fabricate highly functional, eye-catching designs that improve the integrity of any property.


Pavement Services offers on-hand expertise in pavement crack, joint and fissure sealing. We understand the science behind concrete and asphalt conditioning, what makes it fail and how to preserve its longevity. Using the latest technology at an affordable rate, we can quickly repair failed parking lot structures, sidewalks and curbs.

Our crew applyinc crack sealing to avoid water damage.
New Developement Concrete Pouring Residential street Dallas Houston


Since 1983, Pavement Services has been leading the way in concrete repair services throughout Northern Texas. We’ve proudly served our neighbors and nearby communities with a comprehensive suite of expert concrete repair services. From sidewalks to highway ramps, we can repair concrete structures for an array of businesses, educational facilities and public institutions.

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