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Pavement Services Corporation is a parking lot paving company & industry leading parking lot paving contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston area.  We will repair your parking lot or make it new, then provide proper maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your investment.  PSC offers a wide variety of paving options for your parking lot. We cater to business owners, to provide improvements for your business parking space in and around the Houston & Dallas Areas.

Whether it includes parking lot repairs, pavement reconstruction or replacement,  or a new paving construction addition to your current parking situation, we have a solution for your overall needs. We strive to maintain competitive rates while utilizing the latest paving technology in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston & now the Mid-Southern United States. Our professional production teams perform to the highest quality standards for asphalt paving or concrete paving depending on your needs for your parking lot.

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Repair, New Construction & Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance
Concrete Construction

Parking Lot Maintenance

At Pavement Services Corporation, our scheduled routine maintenance on your parking lot helps you save money. We specialize in asphalt parking lot repair, seal coating, crack sealing, concrete, asphalt patching and striping, we help you keep your parking lot looking great and your investment is secured. We hold budgetary restrictions and cost-effectiveness to the highest regard.

Parking Lot Repair / Resurface

One of the biggest issues when it comes to parking lots is a surface failure. Our process to repair the asphalt defects is to mill off the top layer and replace it with new asphalt.  If we find base failure in the pavement, we completely clear the area down to the base, re-compact the underlying base material, and install a new asphalt patch.

Parking Lot Reconstruction

Do you have a new commercial property or needing a total Parking Lot overhaul? With over 35 years and thousands of parking lot overhauls and installs, we will self-perform projects of any size meeting deadlines and on budget.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Do you properly maintain your asphalt parking lot with fresh seal coat? A seal coat is a wearing surface that should be applied to your asphalt parking lot to help increase the parking lots lifespan. Depending on the geographical area it depends on how often you should apply seal coat.

How often should you Seal Coat Your Parking Lot?

Rule of thumb your parking lot needs fresh seal coat every three years; but it depends on several factors, but not limited to: proper sealer mix design, number of coats, amount of daily traffic, the amount of material applied and geographical area.  If your parking lot looks a bit rocky chances, this is typically done to improper maintenance and is due to abrasion.  Asphalt parking lots need routine maintenance to slow down the aging of your parking lot. Seal Coating helps and gives an excellent curb appeal for your Dallas / Houston commercial parking lot.

Our crew applying a seal coat on a parking lot.
Parking Lot Stiping

Parking Lot Asphalt Striping

Parking lot Striping improves not only gives a great look and curb appeal for your parking lot. It improves efficiency, organizes traffic flow and clearly marked parking spaces for vehicles to park.  Not only that but minimizes damaged vehicles. Faded striping in your parking lot also increases the chances of damaged cars. A beautiful looking parking lot with fresh parking lot stripping tells your customers that you value their business.

Pavement Services Corporation has years of experience in parking lot striping. Our parking lot striping includes arrows, curb markings, fire lane markings, handicap spaces, ADA ramp markings, light poles bases and any other requests you desire for your parking lot.

Give your Parking Lot a fresh look and show your customers you care. Get a quote today!


Parking Lot Crack Seal & Joint Sealing

If your parking lot has cracks or separated joints and is not address, water will seep in below the asphalt and cause the subgrade to soften. This is one of the leading causes of asphalt pavement failures to parking lots. Weakening subgrades, vehicle traffic, water freezing/thawing will eventually lead to asphalt failure and expensive repairs to your parking lot.

How to Avoid Expensive repairs to Your Asphalt Parking Lot?

To extend the life of your parking lot and to protect your investment, you should always take preventative measures. To prevent this, we seal cracks with a hot, rubberized crack & joint sealing material, that is designed specifically for parking lots. This material is high quality and highly elastic that stretches with movement to last year around.

Our crew applying crack and joint seal to parking lot.
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