The Mill Method for Asphalt Parking Lots

Pavement Services Corporation’s “Mill Method” for asphalt parking lot repairs, resurfaces and overlays

Since 1983, we’ve done hundreds, if not thousands, of shopping center projects throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas. For the last decade, our asphalt repair services continues to expand in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. As a leading provider of innovative asphalt and concrete repair solutions, we offer a variety of turn-key services for our clients. 

Employing trusted pavement repair methods for shopping centers

Shopping Centers most accurately depict one of our key asphalt repair methods known as the “Mill Method”. Over 30 years ago, Pavement Services Corporation pioneered this repair method for asphalt parking lots. Also known as Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR), it’s been used on roads and highways as far back as the mid 1970’s. FDR pulverizes the existing pavement and underlying base, thereby “re-claiming” the materials used in the original pavement and converting it into a re-usable (recycled) base material. FDR conserves original construction materials, preserving past pavement investments on behalf of our clients.  

Shopping lot pavement repairs in Houston, TX

After some trial and error with our FDR asphalt repair method, we were able to convert highway milling machines to parking lot machines. We added a specific amount of Portland cement as we were pulverizing the pavement, creating a Cement Treated Base (CTB) through the reclamation process. This allows us to use on-site materials to produce a water-resistant base that has concrete slab-like characteristics. 

Once completed, the CTB only requires a thin layer of hot-mix asphalt in order to complete the process and finish the project. PSC crews also removed and replaced all ADA compliant ramps into the center, rebuilding them to comply with the City of Houston’s specifications for slopes and grades. 

Benefits of our “Mill Method” for asphalt pavement repairs:

  • Significant materials and transport savings
  • Less waste to export off-site due to the recycling of existing pavement
  • Less new material imported onsite. This results in less wear and tear on the pavement during the repair process. 
  • Limited property liability, no open holes measuring 6” to 8” deep
  • Greater structural integrity with the added Portland Cement
  • Cost savings as much as 35% to 70% over conventional remove and replace processes
  • 50% reduction in overall project time savings
  • A considerable decrease in greenhouse gas emissions with minimal new materials needed
  • CTB projects yields increased strength with age

The PSC Workforce: Seasoned Pavement Repair Contractors

Another added benefit of working with Pavement Services Corporation is our workforce in Houston TX.  All of our employees work legally in the United States and we employ an independent compliance firm to audit all of our employee forms, checks and processes. 

We perform background checks on the entire PSC family and each employee will always have an identification badge and/or PPE on their person. If there is a question, our Supervisors are easily spotted onsite by his or her white hard hat. Our goal is always to be on time, on budget, on scope and on point in making your life a little easier.

Leading Paving Contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth & Houston, TX

Pavement Services Corporation specializes in asphalt parking lot constructionasphalt repairconcrete repair and conventional pavement maintenance, applying innovative methods that minimize business downtime, ensure safety, and maintain profitability for our clients. 

We’re capable of performing multiple paving construction projects at once, providing asphalt and concrete paving in Dallas, all of North Texas, and beyond. Our crews are always active in cities such as Mansfield, Southlake Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Desoto, Plano and others. Our reputation has allowed us to proudly serve our clients in all of Texas and seven surrounding states. 

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