Chili’s Restaurant Parking Lot Repair in Lake Jackson, Texas

Professional and affordable concrete, asphalt and pavement repair services

Located 52 miles south of Houston, TX and 10 miles north of Freeport, TX, Lake Jackson was originally developed as a company town for workers of the Dow Chemical Company in the early 1940’s. Coincidentally, Pavement Service Corporation utilizes many of the products made by Dow, including 888 Silicone Joint Sealant and 890-SL which seals asphalt to concrete, concrete to concrete, and concrete to asphalt joints.

At Chili’s in Lake Jackson, Texas, PSC was contracted to apply their pavement expertise in a wide range of services including:

  • Concrete Pavement Repair
  • Concrete Curb and Gutter Repair
  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair
  • Concrete Joint Seal
  • Pavement Markings

Safety is Always First Priority in Parking Lot Repairs

From typical potholes to catastrophic pavement failures, significant road hazards at the Chili’s restaurant parking lot posed safety issues for customers. In some locations, the pavement had shifted and the joints no longer matched, creating trip hazards within the lot as well as along the adjacent sidewalk. In addition, the handicap accessibility route featured a small, hazardous fracture near the front door of the main entrance.

35 Year Legacy in Asphalt and Concrete Construction

PSC sent seasoned veterans in the paving industry to examine the parking lot, applying years of experience in assessing and determining the best repair strategy for the restaurant. During the entire repair process, business hours continued as normal with no impediment to Chili’s customers. Much of the work was performed after hours while the restaurant was closed, eliminating the concern for noise, traffic and cleanliness.

PSC then re-sealed approximately 2,500 linear feet of concrete pavement joints. This entailed removing the old sealant from the joint, cleaning it, and then re-sealing it. The lot was completely re-striped of all yellow divider lanes and new graphics were applied such as ADA Handicap Emblems and other markings. Our team applied non-slip additive paint, fortified for foot and vehicle traffic, ensuring that the parking lot looked both new and presentable. Upon completion of the repairs, barricades were erected to protect the repaired area and allow for the materials to cure. Chili’s in Lake Jackson, Texas was back in business in no-time.

First Impressions Matter in Parking Lot Pavement Repairs!

The condition of any parking lot is a first impression for customers – even before they’ve had a chance to frequent your business. With a pristine lot, you’ll ensure that customers remember the experience and return for more business.

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Pavement Services Corporation specializes in asphalt parking lot constructionasphalt repairconcrete repair and conventional pavement maintenance, applying innovative methods that minimize business downtime, ensure safety and maintain profitability for our clients.

We’re capable of performing multiple paving construction projects at once, providing asphalt and concrete paving in Dallas, all of North Texas, and beyond. Our crews are always active in cities such as Mansfield, Southlake Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Desoto, Plano and others. Our reputation has allowed us to proudly serve our clients in all of Texas and seven surrounding states.

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