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North Richland Hills Senior Living Home, located on the eastern edge of the Iron Horse Golf Course, provides a picturesque landscape for retirement. However, the facility’s fire lane was in need of dire concrete repairs and its embankment was slowly sliding down the steep incline adjacent to the property. Pavement Services Corporation, serving Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels and San Antonio, was called in for a complete reconstruction.

From subgrade to paved surface, a complete overhaul

At first glance, what looked like a simple concrete driveway was in fact a far more involved project. The unstable sub-soil was causing the pavement and retaining wall to shift. The entire project would require an engineer’s design and oversight, drawings, and permits. Pavements Services provided all of these components under one roof, managing the entire process while partnering with a third party engineering firm to ensure that all of our work was completed according to specifications.

The drawings called for the complete demolition and total reconstruction of the existing fire lane, concrete pavement, guardrail, retaining wall and tree removal. In total, about 8” of surface excavation was required in order to reconstruct the fire lane and embankment at the Meadow Lakes Senior Living Facility in North Richland Hills. Upon completion of the demolition phase, the exposed subgrade was compacted and covered with a layer of 8” TX DOT flex-base material. Approximately 20-12” diameter concrete piers were then installed to a depth of 25’ in order to support the downhill side of the driveway. A catch basin and headwall were also fabricated, accommodating the area for drainage.

Proactive measures prevent future pavement shifting

To prevent movement, flexing or shifting of the subgrade in the future, the PSC crew applied 7.5” of Portland cement concrete pavement with about 300 linear feet of a grade beam with thickened edge on the downhill side. Finally, a decorative concrete/stone veneer retaining wall was built as well as a highway grade guard-rail installed along the outer edge of the driveway for additional safety.

The project was extremely detailed and required significant capital considerations for the Meadow Lakes Senior Facility in North Richland Hills, making it a priority to get it right the first time. Our team worked within the required scope of our partner civil engineering firm who oversaw the work and verified that our crew performed met all requirements. One of our most experienced foreman and his team, tasked with getting the job done on-time and within budget, were able to complete the project to the client’s expectations.

Our passion is to provide quality service and construction while leveraging best practices, equipment, material and personnel.  For more information on our services or to receive a free onsite inspection, please call 1-800-NO-POTHOLE (667-6846) or Contact Us

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